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Campus Security

Proven School and Campus Solutions

The LEVERAGE Campus Solution is a universal tool to fight truancy, nuisance crime, and vandalism; while ensuring a proactive response in the case of an emergency. Contact us today to find out more.

Instead of physically observing hallways, classrooms, playgrounds, sports fields, and public areas for crime and safety issues; instead of using radio directed rapid response systems for emergency calls, and relying on district or local police to conduct interviews and collect physical evidence after a crime occurred, receive all of the above in a critically short window of time.

  • Provide instant situational awareness to a crisis without having to wait for an emergency responder’s on-site presence.
  • Utilize Advanced Video Analytics. License Plate Recognition, Motion Detection, IR alarms and other analytics which serve both situational awareness and forensic needs.
  • Operate Incident triggered situational awareness. (ITSA) Automated incident recording and immediate live video transmission of specific incident- triggered activity. Emergency responders receive "live" video they need to proactively respond.
  • Incident triggered remote camera control. (ITRC) Full live control of remote cameras during an ITSA event.
  • Reduce Vandalism and Graffiti by placing cameras on your campus.
  • Combat Truancy and Loitering. Placing cameras will warn individuals that they are being watched.
  • Heightens trust between law enforcement and the community.

It is more than just a video stream

Video Surveillance is about more than just delivering a video stream. This technology is the latest step in providing schools and universities the privacy their students deserve, while emergency responders receive actionable situational awareness of a crisis when they need it most.

School cameras are accessible to Law Enforcement during an emergency, such as when a 911 call has been received by a dispatch center. The 911 call triggers access to the cameras via the Police CAD system using LEVERAGE Detect software. As a result, emergency responders receive "live" video they need to respond quickly and swiftly in their efforts to save lives and prevent crime.

LEVERAGE's intelligent unified surveillance architecture is a powerful crisis management tool that provides more information than ever before in order to effectively react to a crisis.

Legacy technology does not work

Often, actionable intelligence in a crisis is limited to legacy technologies and practices. It has long hampered the efforts of emergency responders having provided little to no support for strategic analysis or tactical crisis management. LEVERAGE's Campus Solution provides first responders with actionable intelligence before the first officer arrives on scene.

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