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Cisco-Powered DRaaS

Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) runs atop a Cisco Powered Infrastructure -- the cloud standard from the leader in networking — to connect with confidence.


What happens to your business when your server won’t boot up? When you have a power failure? When your “backup” is corrupted and unusable?

One in two companies will experience a data loss incident this year. It can happen to anyone, and if your business depends on your data, that loss can mean the inability to operate, failure to deliver a service or project, and, ultimately, customers abandoning your company for your competition. Data backups won’t save you -- You need a comprehensive disaster recovery solution.

We are your disaster recovery experts. And the scope of our services goes beyond backup.

ServeRestore doesn’t just house your data in a locked-tight, safe environment built on industry-leading technologies. It also mirrors your current server so it can be tested and brought up whenever you need it. We consult with you to design a disaster recovery plan specifically for your business that will ensure that you’re ready if disaster strikes. We fully test every client’s solution to demonstrate exactly what would happen in the event of a disaster. Meaning that your business is guaranteed to be back up and running as if nothing ever happened in as little as four hours.

ExpressRestore is accelerated recovery for virtualized environments. If you are VMware virtualized environment and are looking for production class replication targets that you manage, ExpressRestore is your solution. It offers 24 hour, 4 hour and 15 minute cloud recovery SLAs utilizing: NetApp SAN-to-SAN Replication, Tintri SAN-to-SAN Replication and Zerto Hypervisor Level Replication. Managed by your internal resources, ExpressRestore is ideal for large enterprises looking for super FAST fail over for routine testing or disaster recovery planning.

If you wish to speak to our service support team directly regarding our services please call 800-825-6680  or email us at  to arrange a meeting.


*ServeRestore and ExpressRestore are registered Trademarks of GreenCloud Technologies

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