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Data Center and Virtualization

LEVERAGE has helped clients across the US and abroad to develop and implement data center virtualization and consolidation solutions to lower hardware costs, reduce physical rack space and reduce power consumption. LEVERAGE has the expertise and experience to work with your IT Networking, Security, Server and Storage teams to meet your data center requirements while reducing your IT costs.

Data Center Virtualization

At LEVERAGE virtualization is a key facet of data center architecture. It is fundamental to managing your IT services, from the desktop to the data center. A virtualization path can decrease the number of servers needed, reduce energy consumption and consolidate physical space demands. In addition to server and compute resource virtualization, network virtualization can deliver improved network utilization, better security and easier management to both the LAN and WAN. Security virtualization simplifies the management of complex security requirements, while storage virtualization helps optimize storage resource use, performance and scalability.

Virtualizing your data center significantly improves the speed at which new services and applications are deployed, and prepares your environment for cloud computing. LEVERAGE virtualization solution will help you meet mission and organizational demands, while improving control over your IT assets.

  • Server consolidation
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Increased IT capacity
  • Increased system flexibility
  • Prepare for cloud computing

Unified Data Center

While traditional data center architecture is focused on building efficiencies when managing distinctly separate server, network storage, and network infrastructure platforms, a unified data center solution combines your server, storage, networking, virtualization, and management needs within a single platform. The result will simplify operations, make your business more agile, and position IT to deliver the services your organization needs to prosper today and in the future.

Unified Data Center Management & Services

LEVERAGE provides a unified management strategy to enable common, real-time monitoring and management of all your interdependent systems across your IT infrastructures. The benefits of a unified data center approach include:

  • Scalable computing and storage capacity
  • Reduction in capital, operating and power costs
  • Reduction in deployment and operational risks
  • Reduction in infrastructure maintenance
  • Higher level of service and reliability
  • Increased efficiency and response times

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