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IT Security

Iron-clad security policies and processes combined with proven security solutions protect against a wide range of risks

One of the hottest topics in the LEVERAGE practice portfolio currently is IT Security. Security plays a “must have” role in virtually every new technology that is introduced into the market today. Very few, if any, IT organizations will adopt technology that is not guaranteed to be secure - primarily because they do not want to risk the possible consequences. But this does not prevent security breeches from happening within other vulnerable areas of a company's computing architecture.

A growing number of malware attacks have been reported on computer systems that were brought in mainly through third party and Web-based software applications. Furthermore, the proliferation of new endpoint computing platforms in the form of smartphones and tablet computers has increased the security risk for organizations. The benefits provided by these new endpoint computing platforms are so great that IT is finding it difficult to stop their rapid adoption within the organization.

Putting security policies and processes into place is of paramount importance to all organizations. This prevents issues being accidentally created from day-to-day events such as configuration changes and adding new employees to the network. LEVERAGE's INFOSEC practice is able to quickly evaluate an organizations vulnerability and risk. We will then take a holistic approach to closing any gaps we uncover. Our team of security professionals is expert in areas such as risk management, configuration management, computer forensics and disaster recovery planning. Furthermore, our team of accredited professional instructors will come into your organization and train your existing staff to take over the planning and execution of your organization's information security plan going forward.

Today's innovative technology suppliers have begun to distribute software that is capable of acting like a cyber security force for an organization. LEVERAGE partners provide solutions in areas such as Single Sign On (SSO), user access rights provisioning, intelligent application provisioning, email and web security, next generation data security and physical asset tracking. These technology providers are focused within their specific solutions areas, meaning that they continuously innovate and maintain their security offerings up-to-date.

The LEVERAGE Advantage
LEVERAGE is the perfect partner for any organization's security project. Through our INFOSEC practice, we possess the knowledge and skill to put in place an iron-clad set of internal security policies and processes that will place an organization on the right track. We will then work closely with our customers to implement proven security solutions from our trusted partners that mitigate security concerns. The results of our security services are customers that feel more confident that they are protected from the wide range of risks that could otherwise prove disastrous to the health of their business.

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