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Maintenance and Support

LEVERAGE's maintenance team provides support throughout the network and system lifecycle. Responsiveness, expertise and commitment have helped us to build reliable partnerships with our customers; we ensure that their systems are optimized for high-performance, scalability and high reliability.

Maintenance and Support Services:

Contract Management

LEVERAGE's contract management team has the experience and resources to ensure that you have coverage when you need it most. We can work with your organization no matter its size to ease the contract management pain, and help you find areas to save money. Services you can rely on from LEVERAGE are:

  • Consolidation expertise; we can help you consolidate your contracts to reduce administration costs.
  • Co-Termination; we can help to establish end-dates for your contracts so that you can manage them within your fiscal planning constraints.
  • Escalate Engineering or Design support for faster service.
  • Multi-year contract management and maintenance financing expertise.
  • Reporting Tools; maintenance coverage reporting, automated notifications of contract & coverage changes, notifications of pending terminations to ensure you never lack coverage.
  • Identify "end of support" and "end of life" equipment and make recommendations.

Maintenance & Support Assessment

Leverage has the team and expertise to help your organization determine whether the correct warranty and support coverage is in place. Our maintenance assessment is designed to:

  • Reduce your coverage costs; we can help identify "End of Life" or "End of Support" equipment or software that may be unnecessarily covered under warranty and maintenance.
  • Review your Equipment in-depth (by serial number) to ensure proper coverage and eliminate duplicate coverage.
  • Review your software and determine whether it’s time for an upgrade.
  • Label your assets for easy reference.
  • Document your network; update or newly provide Network Drawings and Configuration Data.
  • Ensure that there are no gaps in maintenance coverage for mission essential systems.
  • Ensure compliancy with government and commercial statute or certifications.

Technology we support:

We support many product lines, call or email us today to inquire about vendors not listed here.

Request Maintenance follow up

If you have a service contract with Leverage and need immediate
support please call us at 800-877-8013