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Mobility and Virtualization

Empower your organization with Mobility & Virtualization

Eliminate the constraints of Fixed Computing

Maximize your organization's investments in Advanced Technology, eliminate the constraints of fixed computing and go Mobile! Today's virtualization technology can enhance the agility, productivity, innovation and improve employee satisfaction. Mobility delivers a rewarding experience for employees who have come to expect to be able to use their own personally selected or personally owned devices at work or play. BYOD and Mobility allow you to take customer relationships to ever high levels of mutual satisfaction. Let LEVERAGE talk with you about Workspace and Workflow Mobility, two of the most valuable outcomes of virtualization technology.

Workspace Mobility

A mobile workplace is essentially a virtual workspace. Virtualization technology can help your organization to maximize flextime, telecommuting, team-work, and on-demand or open-plan office space. A sound workspace strategy can help you to:

  • Un-tether employee computing. Provide a mobile computing office environment freed from a specific workspace or desk.
  • Reduce physical space requirements. Increase productivity while reducing the demands for fixed space with on-demand or open-plan workflow strategies.
  • Extend mobility to your clients to enhance their workflow or to create a more positive guest experience.

Workflow Mobility

More and more businesses must rely on a mobile workforce making it critical for businesses to provide their employees with easy and secure access to data, email, IM Web Conferencing and applications to do their jobs successfully—at any time and from anywhere. Your organization can make vast improvments in workflow with a Mobility strategy:

  • Improve employee performance. Mobility and BYOD strategies can enable workflow to be done anywhere--anytime.
  • Enable Collaboration. Virtualized applications can highly enhance your workforce productivity with anytime---anywhere web conferencing tools for individuals and groups of users across the enterprise and within your client base.
  • Leverage employee skill sets for Workflow multipliers. Virtualization can help your organization to fully utilize its consultants, engineers, designers and administrators. Resources can be engaged across the enterprise.

Case in point; Healthcare Mobility

The typical healthcare provider works with a distributed mobile workforce of specialists from diverse fields. These specialists often travel within large complexes or even site to site due to their very specialized skills. Obviously, patient care is the common thread in the healthcare workforce; in today's highly specialized environment this requires pervasive communication between caregivers, and constant access to a patient's medical records. Add to this the HIPAA and various other privacy law requirements, and you can begin to see where secure anywhere--anytime Mobility is a driving force in medical care. Consequently, the mobile PAD computers that have become so popular with consumers have become the device of choice in healthcare, furnishing the means to securely manage record keeping, compliance and patient care. Specialists can now access patient medical records email, IM, and web conferencing for instant communication untethered by the fixed computing systems of yesterday. As an outcome today's healthcare providers are improving workflow, security, patient safety and employee satisfaction through the adoption of Mobility.

Mobility Management

Mobility can present a number of challenges to organizations and IT departments, forcing them look at their delivery of computing services, security, and their control of enterprise technology. Risk needs to be managed and balanced against the increasing demand for Mobility from today's workforce. LEVERAGE has the expertise and experience to help you develop a strategy and avoid some common pitfalls in your Mobility architecture.

We can help your IT team to:

  • Develop a Mobility Strategy. Strategize Data Center, Network, Application and VDI virtualization paths.
  • Determine the specific job titles within the company in each mobile workforce type and identify the number of users.
  • Determine the critical applications needed by each mobile workforce type, including horizontal productivity applications such as e-mail and line-of-business applications such as telemetry solutions.
  • Determine the device requirements for each workforce type and a vendor strategy based on the specific industry and business processes.
  • Establish methods of usage – online, offline/disconnected and synchronized.
  • Identify data sensitivity – public, confidential and restricted material.
  • Establish Policy – rules defining the intersection of devices, usage methods and data sensitivity.

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