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RFID Asset Tracking

Advances in wireless networking have enabled innovative technology companies to assist organizations through new and dramatically improved products and services. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is one such technology that has had a profoundly positive effect on organizations that have chosen to take advantage of it. By taking out human error and producing real-time results, RFID is producing a return on investment that is indisputable. Introduced to the market a decade previously, the technology has experienced a hockey-stick effect in its adoption rate over the last few years. This is primarily due to two influencers:

  • Wireless technology advances and adoption
  • Dramatic decrease in the cost of the RFID tag

RFID has automated and improved asset tracking processes within the federal government and in every vertical market imaginable, including retail, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, education and transportation. Always on, hands-free RFID eliminates the need for human intervention for monitoring and managing, greatly reducing time and labor while improving accuracy. Further, RFID systems can operate successfully in areas that are unsafe or inconvenient for humans, enabling them to collect and monitor assets that were previously considered untouchable.

Benefits provided by RFID technology:

  • Does not require “direct line of sight” access to read tags
  • Tags can trigger security alarms if removed from their location
  • Reader and tag orientation is not an issue
  • Automatic scanning and information logging is performed without human intervention
  • Each item can be labeled separately and have a unique product code
  • A high degree of security and product authentication is possible
  • Tags can hold a comprehensive amount of specific information about a part
  • Tag environment changes can automatically execute business processes
  • RFID tags can alert when temperatures increase or fall outside safe ranges
  • Tag technology is read/write, allowing information to be updated
  • RFID readers are able to read multiple tags simultaneously

When used with well designed applications and integrated into business processes, RFID can provide tremendous benefits to any organization. Lowering the risk of errors and providing real-time information about how an asset is being used and where it is located can increase the organization’s efficiency – and significantly lower its operational costs.

The LEVERAGE Advantage
LEVERAGE currently partners with the leading solution supplier for RFID asset tracking and monitoring. Our expert team of professionals has successfully implemented real-time asset monitoring and management systems for customers across many vertical industries. We begin by assessing the organization’s existing wireless infrastructure, augmenting it if needed to guarantee performance and scalability. We then add the RFID solution layer, customizing the implementation to specifically address the organization’s need. We can easily divide the project into phases, allowing progress to be shown and ROI to be achieved each step of the way.

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