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Unified Communications

Facilitate fast and effective communication anywhere – anytime

Today’s business environment is characterized by pervasive global competition, more intense business cycles, faster flow of information and communication, and increased business complexity. Efficient business communications underlies the speed in which an organization is able to embrace these new business drivers. Organizations are rapidly adopting Unified Communications (UC) as a strategy for enabling and productively managing efficient communications. UC extends the communication workspace beyond the traditional desktop phone to a multi-device, mobile and distributed environment that speeds information access; and dramatically improves collaboration and the decision making processes.

UC provides organizations with the ability to greatly enhance the way their employees interact and perform by changing how individuals, groups and entire organizations communicate. It is much more than placing a soft phone on a worker’s desktop. UC combines key communication technologies such as IP telephony, audio/video conferencing, email, social networking (IM and Presence) and very soon, communication enabled business applications.

Key business benefits to organizations who adopt a UC strategy:

  • Connecting workers, partners, vendors and customers enables the sharing of information and needed expertise in an efficient and expedient manner
  • Access and share video on the desktop, on the road and on-demand as easily as making a phone call allows individuals to utilize all forms of communication to make more informed decisions
  • Dynamically bringing together individuals, virtual workgroups and teams facilitates better interactions
  • Embracing mobile devices by making them extensions of the corporate network allows mobile workers to be productive anywhere – anytime
  • Integrating collaboration and communications into applications and business processes encourages innovation across the value chain

UC empowers individuals by freeing them from the complexities of technology and allowing them to concentrate on the reason they are communicating. Whether they are located in the office, on the move or working remotely, UC technology facilitates fast and effective communications anywhere – anytime. By embracing this new way to efficiently communicate, business will benefit from increased productivity, lower operational costs, and faster and better business decisions.

The LEVERAGE Advantage
LEVERAGE has been building Advanced UC systems throughout America since 1997, delivering solutions to commercial, and large and mid-size government enterprises. LEVERAGE possesses deep experience in driving hosted, cloud and purpose-built systems across a diverse set of vertical markets. Our architects offer a unique skill-set in their ability to transfer learned best practices experienced from a diversified client portfolio. We are also a customer of our own solutions. Our distributed and highly mobile workforce is in constant need of ever more efficient ways to communicate with team members, customers and partners. LEVERAGE’s UC system allows us to place and receive calls, web conferencing and collaborative workflow on our laptops, pads or smartphones anywhere and anytime. We utilize audio and video conferencing routinely; and using presence, we know immediately if using email, sending an IM or placing a call is the best way to connect to others on the first attempt.

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