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Voice & Unified Communications

Methods and the devices used in communication have been changing at an ever increasing rate creating the need to integrate all of the communications technologies (voice, data or video) enabling you to run your business, reduce costs and increase operational flexibility. Unified Communications can make this possible. However, without the right expertise and experience, the systems can be expensive and challenging to deploy.

LEVERAGE has been a leader in voice communications since 1984, with the expertise in voice, data and video networking skills which is unsurpassed. Our engineering teams carry the industry's highest levels of certifications and exhibit the depth of experience required to deliver some of the most complex unified communications systems in use today.

Unified Communications

LEVERAGE's Unified Communications services focus on designing, implementing and managing your communications and networking environments to optimize them for anytime, anywhere communications. LEVERAGE can help you:

  • Provide reliable and advanced communications no matter where your staff is working.
  • Support a full suite of IP Communications solutions and endpoints.
  • Manage voice, video, mobility, and presence services between IP endpoints, media-processing devices, voice-over-IP (VoIP) gateways, mobile devices, and multimedia applications.
  • Efficiently run voice, data, and video communications over a single, converged network.
  • Optimize efficiency with Unified Communications network management.
  • Deliver recommendations to help reduce costs and improve productivity with a unified communications (UC) solution.
  • Help design UC road map or transition plan best suited for your business needs.

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